#Bruce4Pipe. Is the most creative surfer in the world right now a girl? A pindrop so pretty it will make your balls tingle.

Who Blew Up?

1. Dale and Dane Staples just dropped 'The Dark Continent’ which features some very pretty camerawork and some nifty surfing from the surfing/film maker bro duo. Do yourself a favour and watch this little gem.

2. Wade Carmichael. The bearded Aussie Dark Horse just took out the Hawaiian Pro event at Haleiwa. This shoots him into 13th spot on the WQS and gives him a sniff at qualification going into the Sunset event. Be honest had you ever heard of this guy before this win, wouldn’t it be cool if he qualified for the WCT?

3. The WSL. The schedule for next year has been announced and guess what, J-Bay is back on the schedule after some noise that it might not be following the Mick Fanning shark incident. Good to see that common sense prevailed and a real asset to SA Surfing has been preserved.

Who Blew It?

1. Tom Lowe. There is falling out of the sky and then there is this… Tom Lowe gives us a perfect pin drop at Puerto Escondido. If this was in a diving contest he’d get a 10/10.

2. All those pro surfer chicks posting videos of their asses. In strong contrast to that you have Leigh Dawson who is feminine without being sleazy, but it is not that which made me sit up and take notice of her. It is her completely unscripted and creative approach to wave riding that is compelling. This video is going to change the game from the inside out when it comes to the what young female surfers aspire to, hell what young surfers in general aspire to.

3. The brou ha ha surrounding Bruce Irons competing as a wildcard at Pipe. The fact that there even needs to be a #Bruce4Pipe movement is insane. The guy is a previous Pipe Master, the event is in memory of his brother, just put him in it is a no brainer!  UPDATE : The WSL have officially announced Bruce Irons has a spot in the Pipe Masters!!

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