Ricky gets the monkey off his back, Julian is tweaked and a mighty good hemp conspiracy theory.

Who Blew Up?

1. Jason Hearn, Ricky Basnet and Casey Grant. 'No Regrets' is the latest offering from arguably SA’s most prolific surf film maker, Jason Hearn. In it he documents Ricky Basnett’s public coming out as an alcoholic. While Ricky’s mates have known this for a while, to publicly stand up and admit it takes some balls. The thing is, you see a path to healing and a coming to terms with humility in this film. As a kid Ricky was untouchable. Released from the demon in the bottle his surfing is looking better than it has in years. The waves he and Casey surf are crazy and they make good sparring partners in the film.

2. Steve Michelson and Shane Sykes. These guys just dropped 'Silence of Eyes' a short film featuring Shane cutting loose mainly at his home breaks on the KZN North Coast. It is only when you watch the slomo segments that you realise just how tweaked out this guys surfing is. If he can do this in heats consistently then he has a chance on the QS.

3. Afends. Afends is a radical clothing brand out of Australia. Their motto is ‘question everything’. Props go to them for this short film about the suppression of hemp. It is definitely worth a watch. BTW at theGREENERsurfer we started laminating boards with hemp four years ago and they are still going strong! 

Who Blew It?

1. The Irish have been charging hard this year, but not without sometimes paying the price. Here is the Mullagmore wipeout reel. Sit back, enjoy and thank your luck stars it is not you! It is great to see that these guys train properly to handle the beatings they get and to minimise the severity of the seriously extreme conditions they are operating in. 

2. The Storm Troopers. I have a picture of John-John Florence air dropping into a 10ft barrel at Chopes, somehow setting a rail and standing tall in a violent cathedral of liquid energy, crystal clear water imploding over a shallow tropical coral reef… Screech! Wrong movie. Wake up from the day dream man. These are bored English surfers riding a 1ft tidal bore dressed as storm troopers, oh well what ever floats your boat… 

3. The Australian Government. In a move to protect ocean goers, the Australian government has taken the decision to use ‘high tech’ drum lines at a series of NSW’s northern beaches. Firstly I don’t know what is so high tech about taking a huge hook, baiting it and killing the apex predators. To me that sounds about as low tech as you can get. If you want to stretch your mind on this shark situation in Australia (and other parts of the world) do yourself a favour and watch this video featuring South African, Anna Breytenbach sharing her views of what is happening in that part of the world.

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