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It’s easy to talk the talk. Walking the walk, sometimes, not so much.

So we look for direction from leaders. Those who’ve “been there, done that” and continue to soldier on triumphantly wearing the hard earned T-shirt. Some start early on, others much later, but you’ll recognize these individuals by a steely glint in the eye, and a granite-like integrity in their actions.

John McCarthy, the founder of theGREENERsurfer, falls into this category. He’s led from the front, flying the green flag high, come storm or shine. But how does one measure to what extent your example has impacted on others? Well, during the shooting of “A Greener Surfer” a film about John’s salty path, the crew got inspired to look at how they could “green” the tools of their trade. What they came up with is truly AWESOME.

Take a look at the BTS clip for real ingenuity and artistic creativity in action.

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