Who Showed Up, and Who Should'nt Have? Taj Retires, Kids Sue U.S Gov.


Who Blew Up?

1. Taj Burrow. Skull dragging (a highly intoxicating funneling of spirits) his career to a close. The eternal grom is calling it a day on a stellar, albeit titleless, career after a couple of decades on the world surfing stage. Everyone’s favourite surfer, at some point, is fittingly retiring in a blaze of alcohol, fun and hair clippers, which pretty much sums up his world tour ride. His last hurrah went down on the Fijian island of Namotu, and he decided to mark this occasion by buzzing his mates with some memorable hairdos.

Taj's curtain call on a spectacular career. Photo © John Respondek

2. Edible beer rings? Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida, recently released edible six-pack rings, a brand-new approach to sustainable beer packaging. They’re 100 percent biodegradable and edible—constructed of barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process. This packaging can actually be safely eaten by animals that may come into contact with the refuse.

3. 21 kids sue US government. The plaintiffs are suing the federal government for violating their constitutional rights to life, liberty and property, by permitting, encouraging and enabling continued exploitation, production and combustion of fossil fuels. This is undoubtedly a landmark case. Can’t fight against the youth!

Who Blew It?

1. The WSL banning Tour registered surfers from competing in the Cape Fear mayhem. Short sighted, or just plain corporate? Either way the highly successful event was somewhat deprived of a high profile influx of hard charging participants, from around the globe. Let’s see how this one plays out. See the nut cases charging below. 

2. City of Cape Town sewerage. The debate around the issue of untreated raw sewage being pumped into ‪Cape Town's oceans in truly astounding volumes has gone very quiet. After photographer Jean Tresfon exposed the situation more than a year the City is yet to respond on the situation. It's estimated that millions of tons of sewerage is being pumped into the Atlantic and Indian oceans every year unchecked. This is a massive environmental and human health hazard.  

3. One of the world’s largest producers of palm oil has drained and planted on areas of peatland supposed to be protected by Indonesian law, claims a new report from Greenpeace, with levels of damage potentially worse than previously reported. We have the ability to stop this, Peeps. Deforestation has drastic effects on the ocean, our playground. Lets continue to check the ingredients in our food products, take a zero tolerance stand, and not support these devilish endeavors.

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