The Strongest, Greenest Surfboards Ever Made?


First come first serve, no reserve.

We have 2 X 6’2" and 2 X 6’4” Hemp flax bio composit surfboards on offer this week.

They were shaped and laminated by Chippa Williams of South Coast Surfboards.

They have 5 fin setups with FCSII boxes.

These surfboards were made with fabric (hemp and flax special weave) supplied by the CSIR as an experiment and laminated with Entropy Supersap Bio-resin.

In the strength tests we did using these fibres and resin compared to regular glass and resin we reckon they are around 4-5 times stronger than a regular board, but similar in weight.

Due to the cost of producing boards like this, it is highly unlikely they will ever be available to the mainstream.

We’re asking R8500 for each of them, please note this is a subsidised cost, the real cost of the materials and labour in a board like this would be closer to R15K. .

If you are a hard charging eco-warrior maybe one of these should be your next magic carpet ride.

If you are in the Durban area you can go and check them out in theGREENERsurfer rack situated at the back of The Surf HQ at 65 Sylvester Ntuli Road.

Other interested parties can email

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