Obama? Big Oil? Cape Nature? The BMT's Ahoy!

Who Blew Up?

1. Barack Obama

The American president personally attended and addressed the the 100th anniversary commemoration of the USA's national park system. Since 2009, Obama himself has set aside as protected areas more than 265 million acres (100 million hectares) of public lands and waters across the country, more than any of his predecessors did. A large part of that involves a marine sanctuary around islands and atolls in the Pacific. Like him or not he's got 7 months left and you can bet he's going to be missed.

Photo © Joshua Roberts/Reuters

2. Coral Reefs
Good news! While we previously reported on the severe bleaching being found on extensive parts of the Great Barrier Reef, a major new study has also found "bright spots" where corals are doing significantly better than anyone expected. And the reason for the improvement is simple: it comes down to how much the coral reefs are fished by people. Reportage via Nat.Geo

3. Gary Linden Tequila Surfboard

“Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that it should be possible to make the whole board from agave. Not only did this appeal to my ‘waste not, want not’ nature, but I wanted to prove that a sustainable, all-natural surfboard is possible,” says Linden. “This could not have been done without the Jose Cuervo Foundation, which provided me all the materials, research, and guidance I needed in working with the agave plant. This is only the beginning of the many innovative uses we can find for the agave plant.”

Who Blew It?

1. Casey Nocket
This is not a fresh or trending story, but, hell can you get anymore unconscious than this?!
The 23-year-old American was sentenced to two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. Why? Well She unleashed her “art project” on some of the country’s finest parks! She painted a number of different rock outcroppings and formations with abstract faces and characters in a serial vandalism string she dubbed “Creepy Tings.” The problem is she did so using acrylics and markers instead of chalk. Can the idiocy run any deeper?

Photo © The Inertia

2. British Petroleum
Man, these oil companies just don't give a hoot. BP have hatched a risky plan to sink an oil and gas drill in one of the world’s most volatile oceans, on Australia's Southern Coast, threatening thousands of kilometres of amazing waves and wildlife.If BP’s drill goes belly up, as one did in 2010 when they caused the world’s biggest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (releasing 800 million liters of oil into the ocean), they will destroy dozens of world class waves. Not to mention one of the most unique and fragile coastlines in the world. It's been rejected for now but the reapplication is already in the post.

Photo © Reuters

3. Cape Nature
CapeNature has killed many leopards in the past. In fact CapeNature is recorded as the most prolific killers of leopards in Southern Africa. Cape Nature’s Corne Claasen shot and killed this leopard on Saturday that was caught in a gin trap and broke from its anchors. The Police was present and so was a veterinarian that attempted, unsuccessfully, to dart the leopard, says the Landmark Leopard and Preditor Project of SA. Nature conservation? Doesn't sound like it. This is senseless murder of a protected animal. Watch this space for more on this.

Photo © Landmark Leopard  and Predator Project of SA

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