Global Brands Going Green


"If we don't have water, if we don't have clean air it doesn't matter how good of a business you run today, there will be no business in the future. We want to go outside, take hikes, and we want to leave that to our children and their children." - Helen Sahi Director of Sustainability at Avery Dennison.

Simple. This is where it's at - on a macro level. 

Hence Outerknown & Avery Dennison have teamed up to effectively reduce their environmental impact.

Outerknown is a menswear company, founded by the king of surfing, health and sustainability, Kelly Slater. They use upcycled materials salvaged from waste such as nylon fishing nets to produce stylish gear. 

Photography © Mr. Porter

Avery Dennison is producing care labels and tags made from 100 percent recycled polyester yarn, and the labels are made from harmless starches which dissolve naturally. The printing is done with soy ink. Pretty darn epic really.

Photography © Avery Dennison

This is exciting and revolutionary. Two well respected brands committed to the earth. But it goes without saying, however, that they shouldn't be glorified and admired for doing this. Why? Well in fact this is our duty. Most certainly they deserve a pat on the back, and a good old high five, but ultimately the game changer will be in how many other companies follow suit.

Have a look and a listen to the scheme:

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