Update: W.G Magellan - Smoke & Mirrors


The Greener Surfer and associates has been diligently tracking the location of the seismic survey vessel the W.G Magellan. Operating deep into whale migration season, the survey shows no sign of slowing down. TGS contacted the owners of the vessel, WesternGeco and this was their response:

Thank you for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to respond and hopefully answer your concerns. Please find below our response.

The WG Magellan has been executing seismic 3D data acquisition in the Durban Basin under an agreed EIA and relevant permits with PASA (Petroleum Agency of South Africa). The vessel stopped seismic operations on the 18th July, due to the increasing presence of mammal activities, and is currently recovering its equipment. Please be reassured that throughout the project the vessel crew always strictly adhered to the EIA and JNCC guidelines. The vessel crew was fully staffed at all times with trained Marine Mammal Observers and passive monitoring equipment (PAM), giving us 24-hour alerts to mammal activity in the vicinity, allowing us to stop seismic activity in such cases, according to JNCC guidelines.

I hope this helps answer your concern.

Well in fact, no it doesn't. This kind of politically correct response get's the skin crawling. Let's continue to put pressure on the authorities and let them know we are watching and aware of their transgressions. 

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