The Return of theGREENERsurfer!


Photo © Gemma Hancock

Exciting news! We at theGREENERsurfer (TGS) are forging ahead on our journey to reconnect with our Earth and oceans. We’ll be exploring, sharing, and integrating environmentally minded solutions. This will be delivered as hard news, eye-melting visuals, real talk, and custom creations, found in our online store.

I can assure you it’s going to be RAD.

Introductions. My name is Brett Shearer. I’ve been primed for the hotseat by the mastermind of TGS, John McCarthy, to be your humble editorial host. My street cred consists of a smash and grab of Springbok surfing colours, organic farming, building houses with natural materials, and the managing of a TV series’ company assets.

This position is a dream come true for me and I hope to interact with as many of you as possible. I’m open to all types of contributions and products. TheGREENERsurfer’s ethos is to provide a platform to share best practice, and to inspire change while greening our approach to playing in the ocean.

I’m in, are YOU in? Yes? I invite you to sign up. Subscribe to theGREENERsurfer, and tell your friends and family... It’s an open party!

Yours in sustainability, surfing, and change.

Brett “The Sheariff” Shearer.

Photo © Jani Steyn

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