Our short film ‘Sea Change’, which educates surfers to be more mindful about using sustainable surfboard materials, launched at the Wavescape Film Festival 2016.

To promote the film, we created a laser-engraved poster (made from environmentally friendly cork) which
peels off and converts into a deck pad to be used on surfboards. The poster thus becomes a literal example
of Sea Change.

Poster 1: Ancient Hawaiian Heritage

Our message plays on surf jargon about a style of surfing (Goofy vs Natural). It doubles up as a message about using surf products that are natural and sustainable, like our Hawaiian forefathers did. Our illustration shows Mother Nature empowered to protect her ocean. The fluidity of our lettering and imagery embodies this ideal: all elements working together in balance.

The ‘Rethink your Ride’ message encourages surfers to change their mindset about protecting the ocean every time they take to the sea.

Poster 2: One with Nature

Our message plays on surf jargon about surfing etiquette. To ‘drop in’ is to take off on a wave which is already being ridden. Our poster suggests that if you’re not riding sustainably, you’re disrespecting Mother Nature.

 Pretty damn cool, right! And this is just a "drop in the ocean". Stay posted for more environmentally aware developments...

If you haven't seen the SEA CHANGE film click here

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Swim Free


Keen to learn how to SWIM FREE?

Gain confidence underwater with John McCarthy


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Transforming Plastic


ByFusion Transforming Plastic from ByFusion PBC on Vimeo.

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Normal is Over


Local film maker, Renée Scheltema from the Netherlands originally, has dedicated the past 5 years of her life – and mostly her own funds – to travel the world and construct a film to communicate the message of clarity and hope, looking at the causes and possible solutions of the broken systems which inform our current dilemma.

The SA premiere of her film ‘Normal Is Over’ is next week at the Labia theater in Cape Town from 5-7 August, followed by discussions with some imminent environmentalists.

The film was launched in Europe recently and won the Best of Show award from the Cinema Verde film festival.

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Enduring for the Environment


Davey Du Plessis is a survivor.

While undertaking a solo navigation of the Amazon river from source to sea in 2012, he was ambushed and shot by two men, deep in the Peruvian jungle.

He miraculously survived the harrowing ordeal, and subsequently wrote a gripping, insightful account in his book ‘Choosing To Live’.

The intention of this ambitious 6700 km voyage was to raise individualized awareness of human impact on the natural world. A radical call to responsible awareness. In Davey’s words; “encouraging people to assess their own lifestyles and see what changes could be made to result in potential benefits through the natural world and climatic environment.” Having risked his life in the name of change, and bearing the battle scars of experience he became a motivational speaker.

Davey in action - motivating, awakening and inspiring. Photo © Davey Du Plessis

But the state of our earth and the underwhelming efforts to limit the negative impacts wrought by humanities hands meant he couldn’t sit still. So he designed and plotted for his next quest: Cross the Atlantic Ocean in a custom made, pedal-powered craft aptly named “Herbivore”. Ultimately the project stalled due to Davey’s mother, his brave pedal partner, sustaining chronic seasickness.

Constructing the shell of the "Herbivore" Photo © Davey Du Plessis

Davey & his mom Robyn in the pedal powered craft - Herbivore. Photo © Davey Du Plessis

Not one to let setbacks stop him, he decided to launch Project 1000. The plan is straightforward - run 1000 kilometers to highlight the plight of the many critically endangered species in South Africa.

The first run was a success, and Davey plans to continue doing these ultra marathons in many different countries.

theGREENERsurfer will be featuring his projects and adventures and hopefully collaborating too. If you’d like to join in or simply contact Davey please do so on info@daveyduplessis.com for a chat on how YOU can get involved in being a part of the solution.

Davey also absolutely shreds! Photo © Davey Du Plessis

Watch the awesome Project 1000 clip below.

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