Our short film ‘Sea Change’, which educates surfers to be more mindful about using sustainable surfboard materials, launched at the Wavescape Film Festival 2016.

To promote the film, we created a laser-engraved poster (made from environmentally friendly cork) which
peels off and converts into a deck pad to be used on surfboards. The poster thus becomes a literal example
of Sea Change.

Poster 1: Ancient Hawaiian Heritage

Our message plays on surf jargon about a style of surfing (Goofy vs Natural). It doubles up as a message about using surf products that are natural and sustainable, like our Hawaiian forefathers did. Our illustration shows Mother Nature empowered to protect her ocean. The fluidity of our lettering and imagery embodies this ideal: all elements working together in balance.

The ‘Rethink your Ride’ message encourages surfers to change their mindset about protecting the ocean every time they take to the sea.

Poster 2: One with Nature

Our message plays on surf jargon about surfing etiquette. To ‘drop in’ is to take off on a wave which is already being ridden. Our poster suggests that if you’re not riding sustainably, you’re disrespecting Mother Nature.

 Pretty damn cool, right! And this is just a "drop in the ocean". Stay posted for more environmentally aware developments...

If you haven't seen the SEA CHANGE film click here

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