Making Ink Out of Exhaust Fumes!

Researchers and brewers have found new ways to capture carbon and convert it into stone and ink.

Tiger Beer, working alongside Marcel Sydney and MIT spinoff Graviky Labs, has created the first line of ink made from air pollution. Made entirely from emissions captured from vehicle tailpipes, 150 liters (roughly 40 gallons) of Tiger Air-Ink was put in pens, markers and spray cans so that different types of artists could experiment with it.

To create the black goop, Graviky Labs founder Anirudh Sharma and his team created a series of tools that attach to pollution emitters such as tailpipes to capture raw carbon and soot that might escape into the air. The captured substances were then put through a purification process so that they are safe to use, and made into the ink. Tiger then took the product to up-and-coming street artists in Asia, a region facing major pollution concerns.

That's pretty darn rad isn't it.

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